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Attention All Employers!

Post a New Job by Job Search London means you can be confident in successfully finding your next employee.

If you’re looking to hire London’s best then you need access to the best candidates across London & Greater London.

We show London job vacancies right across London from Abbey Wood to Yiewsley.

Reach More Candidates

Post a New Job, with Job Search London and we’ll help you to reach more candidates, with 1000’s of visits each month from potential job seekers.

Making Life Easier for Employers!

Employers have a lot to contend with once the company or organisation have decided that recruitment is required.

You want to give candidates a great experience, leading to more engagement and a bigger pool of applicants.

  1. What Do You Need & What Problems do you need to Solve?
  2. Writing a Job Description that’s well thought out and appeals to all genders
  3. Review applications & decide which ones match the skills and knowledge required
  4. Interview & Assess candidates
  5. Decide who to engage

This is why we’re on your side because we understand the various challenges employers are faced with when trying to bring in new employees.

If you’ve already signed up for an ‘Employer’s Account’ just sign in using your username and password.

Alternatively there’s easy access Social media login via LinkedIn, Twitter and other platform options.

Better Visibility Across the Internet for Your Job Postings

Post a New Job, with Job Search London and you’ll benefit from the fact that we also promote our Job Sites on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

We’re always looking for ways to help your budget go further, so give us a try!

Post a New Job - Sign Up Process!

Employers are always having to wear a variety of hats and when it comes to recruiting new employees don’t want to spend too much time going through unnecessary or bloated processes.

When signing up initially to find the next company ‘star’ we need your:

  • Full Names
  • A username
  • Email Address
  • Telephone number
  • Company/Organisation name
  • Employment Sector/Category you want to recruit for (Accounting to Telecoms)
  • Password
  • Sign up
  • Agree (Terms & Conditions)
  • Done!

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JOB SEARCH LONDON would like to thank:

Ideal Role for some of the really useful information that we based this page on.

Pixabay, provided the images.

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